Friday, February 14, 2014

Turning one million pounds of carpet into wood alternative

In just a little over 12 months on the market, NyloDeck® has reached an impressive milestone: one million pounds of carpet have been recycled into their superior composite decking material.

NyloDeck® is prepared from recycled nylon carpet fiber bonded by a VOC-free resin and contains no wood or PVC. The strength of the carpet fibers is key to making NyloDeck® one of the strongest and durable, yet lightweight, decking materials available. It also happens to be impermeable to moisture, which also makes it resistant to mold, mildew, stains, and swelling. Termites don’t like it either.

NyloDeck® is dyed all the way through the board and then embossed with a natural looking three-dimensional finish. This process allows it to be made in a variety of colors with unique grains similar to those found in natural wood. However, these boards won’t fade or splinter over time and are scratch-resistant.

In celebration of their achievement, NyloBoard (parent company of NyloDeck) invites Facebook users to take a guess at this question: If one giant red carpet was the only source for NyloDeck’s one million pounds of recycled carpet fiber used, what percentage of the Las Vegas strip would it cover? Guess correctly and you could win a prize!

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