Friday, January 3, 2014

Tools for carpet removal and recycling

At CARE, we get a lot of questions about the best tools and procedures for carpet recycling from both consumers and professionals alike. We plan to feature some of our favorite tools and best advice over the coming months, so stay tuned.

The first step towards recycling carpet is pulling it up from the source. We prefer the Stand-Up Cutter and Carpet Peeler tools from Crain. These two tools allow for easy cutting, peeling, and removal of carpet while standing up. This ensures good ergonomics that will lead to fewer strain injuries and less back and knee pain.

The Jus-Push Cutter is used to slice glued-down carpet into easily removable strips. It features a sharp, hardened point that rides on the subfloor, pre-cutting the material and lifts the carpet into the blade. The heavy-duty handle is adjustable in length and double-locks for safety.

The Stand-Up Carpet Peeler is used grab hold of glued-down carpet and peel it away from the floor. A sharp pin is driven under the carpet with a kick. The shape of the tool acts as a lever for huge mechanical advantage to pull the carpet away from the floor.

While these tools make carpet removal easy, remember that debris-contaminated carpet will be more difficult to recycle and you should take steps to protect carpet during demolition. Cover the carpet with plastic to protect it from paint, drywall, plaster, and dirty boots. Carpet is never recyclable if it’s been exposed to asbestos. Avoid using tape to bind the rolls of carpet so that sticky residue isn’t left behind. Find your local CARE certified collector for more advice and local regulations and stay tuned for more recycling tips from CARE.

While CARE makes every effort to ensure accuracy, we make no recommendations or endorsements on products or procedures.  It is up to each user to make its own decisions on tools and techniques and CARE assumes no liability.


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