Thursday, March 6, 2014

Recycler Relationships: A ‘Win-Win’ for Sustainability and Savings

If you are a mill representative, specifier or carpet dealer, offering a carpet recycling service to customers can be a huge advantage to your business. Especially for green-conscious clients, the option to recycle rather than send their used product to landfill is ideal - and can even be profitable for you.

However, carpet is a complex product to recycle. As of now, there’s no one ideal way to recycle used residential or commercial carpet – but there are opportunities to find solutions in your market by working with a local recycler.

The first step is to find carpet recyclers in your area. The CARE website features a Certified Collector Finder, which can help you identify partners nearby.

From the search results, choose and contact a local recycler, and inquire about partnership opportunities. The recycler will share options for recycling carpet through their facility, which usually requires delivery of carpet to their location or they may arrange for used product to be picked-up from a jobsite.

Keep in mind, many recyclers are still wary of handling carpet because not all fiber types can be recycled. When non-recyclable carpet is accepted, but must be sent to landfill or wasted to energy, it comes at an expense to the recycler.

In the end, forming a relationship with a recycler should be a “win-win” scenario for both of you. For you, it’s often less expensive to recycle carpet for your customers than to send to landfill. For the recycler, your partnership offers steady access to materials. As with any business relationship, the key is to determine long-term, mutually beneficial options.

Developing a recycler partnership will certainly require an investment of time and coordinated efforts. However, the return will be a new, profitable option for your customers, and the chance to give new life to old carpet.

In the meantime, CARE continues to develop market-based options for carpet recycling. To learn more, visit to the CARE website at

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