Thursday, March 20, 2014

GeoHay: Water Management Solutions from Post-consumer Carpet

When post-consumer carpet (PCC) can avoid landfill and moves onto the recycling process, there are a wide range of possibilities for its next destination. Up to 30 percent of recycled PCC is used to produce new carpet face fiber and backings. Additional opportunities for used carpet materials include the creation of building materials, automotive products and more.

In this Product Spotlight post, we’ll take a look at GeoHay, a line of water management products created from post-consumer carpet.

Water and sediment management from used carpet materials
GeoHay “bales” are created almost exclusively from used carpet materials. The carpet content helps filter and divert water and sediment surrounding a number of applications, including
  • Ditch checks
  • Dams
  • Industrial site
  • Construction areas
  • Inlets
  • Mines
  • Golf courses
  • and more! 

An example of a sediment control application featuring GeoHay

Along with erosion and sentiment control, GeoHay products are also designed to absorb heavy metals and hydrocarbons, and filter clean water back to the environment.

GeoHay controls industrial run-off and returns clean water to the environment

GeoHay: Sustainable by design
GeoHay is an environmentally responsible product throughout its complete lifecycle:
  1. First, GeoHay products help divert used carpet from landfill by incorporating PCC materials into their construction.
  2. During use, the bales manage contaminated run-off and storm water discharge to help improve the surrounding environment.
  3. Depending on water and soil conditions, GeoHay bales can also be reused between projects.
  4. Last, a responsible end-of-life solution is in place for all GeoHay products to avoid landfill.
Because of their completely sustainable design, GeoHay products exceed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s regulations for storm water discharge and sediment control, and also contribute to LEED points.

We encourage you to visit the CARE website to learn more about the wide range of products created from PCC. We’ll also continue to explore the many possibilities for recycled carpet content each month on the CARE blog!


  1. thanks for share such nice information about water management.. thanks

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  2. I wish more people would use inlet filters for soil erosion prevention and sediment control, especially since lots of states are having droughts and water is slowly becoming more and more precious.