Sunday, September 15, 2013

Upcoming Green Hospitality Conference and Tradeshow

American Green Lodging and Hospitality Association (AGLHA) is a nonprofit that began in 2008 with the mission to educate and train the hospitality industry about the importance of becoming environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.  If there is one thing the lodging and hospitality industry cannot do without its carpet! Carpet provides warmth, noise attenuation, a more comfortable surface on which to stand, a color pallet and more.

Accordingly, at AGLHA’s upcoming annual conference and tradeshow, to be held at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando this December 17th-18th, AGHLA is looking to feature carpet recyclers and carpet companies that make sustainable products. In addition to having information available at vendor stands, there will be a specific session within the 'Green Interiors' tract of the conference that will specifically address the logistics and economics of carpet recycling.  

The conference is being co-hosted by the Florida Caribbean Green Meeting Industry Council, NEWH Green Voice and the University of Florida TREEO Center, themselves forerunners in the sustainability movement. Not to mention, The Peabody is a hotel that prides itself at understanding the global implications of sustainability.
The other two tracts at the conference will be ‘Green Meetings’ and ‘Green Lodging,’ with informational sessions ranging from ‘Marine Biology and Coastal Development’ to Making Renovations More Sustainable While Controlling Costs.' Overall, the conference has been designed with the overarching theme of Well-being, Prosperity, and Conservation in mind and attendees should expect to learn the secrets to going green accompanied by clear, feasible, examples of how helping save the environment can also boost the bottom line.

As in past years the conference audience is expected to be diverse, with guests including hospitality experts, leading manufacturers, technical speakers, general managers, designers, housekeepers, engineers, sales managers, meeting planners, restaurateurs and students.  An additional 300 attendees are anticipated to come just to tour the tradeshow which will feature over 100 vendors of sustainable hospitality products.

For additional information including how to register to be a vendor/sponsor and/or reserve lodging please contact Peter Goren,


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