Monday, July 22, 2013

Welcome to CARE's Blog

Sustainability is increasingly appealing to businesses and homeowners alike and thanks to a variety of incentives like LEED and NSF, the demand for post-consumer carpet (PCC) is growing every year. However, it takes open communication between manufacturers, retailers, collectors, entrepreneurs and consumers to make the reuse and recycle of PCC a reality and since CARE stepped up to the plate eleven years ago, it has made great strides in advancing its mission to promote market-based solutions that increase landfill diversion and recycling of PCC and encourage design for recyclability.
In little over a decade CARE has grown to 452 members across the nation and facilitated the diversion of roughly 2.6 billion pounds of post-consumer carpet from landfills in the U.S., extending its reach every year. Considering carpet is estimated to take 20,000 years to breakdown, this is a huge success!
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The goal of this blog is to highlight CARE’s advances and provide relevant information about the carpet recycling industry at large. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave comments.

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